Gratitude Journal for Kids & Teens.

Fun, interesting and scientific. Every day is exciting!

A daily Journal for children to develop the habit of Gratitude, stay mentally strong and promote happiness.

Why focus on gratitude?.

To become more thankful, children need to practice noticing and talking about what and whom they are thankful for. They also need to hear trusted adults talk about their own gratitude. This one powerful practice will help you children leave a great legacy. In fact, it will for if you nurture your child with Gratitude.


“My kids love the Gratitude Journal. As parents we are so happy, this practice has helped them be kind and grateful to us understanding our busy schedules. Off late, our children remind us to write gratitude every night before bed. This is very essential for all kids.”



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Why is it necessary?.

Parenting is no joke. It is hard work. As satisfying it is to raise a child it is quite challenging. Let us help you to make it a bit less challenging.

Most of the child’s habitual behaviors are built between the age 8 to 15, most of which remain in them all their life. Even if they are not useful for their life.

Let’s plant the good ones. Good one that will make their life healthy and abundant.

Good parenting = well raised children

Let me tell you two short stories with you. A family story with small difference in their habits and big difference in the history they left.

Simple practices nurtured early age changes the course of a child’s life.

One of the powerful practices a child can grow up with is Gratitude.

  • Helps them grow happy
  • Have a sound mind – creative and productive
  • Helps to create healthy brain cells 12884

Teens has shown great change in their life with Gratitude.

  • Makes them happier: When thinking about things they are thankful for, they are happy. When thinking about the blessings, it is hard to stay in a bad mood!
  • Sleep Better: Grateful mind do not have to be sleep deprived. If a child focuses on the things to be grateful for 30 minutes before their bedtime, they have reported peaceful sleep all night.
  • Improves Relationships: Teens who have expressed and been expressed to with appreciation have developed better relationship with parents and friends.
  • No anxiety or depression: Depression is long held thoughts of worry; a grateful mind does not have space for worry. Students who had depression reduced their symptoms after practicing gratitude.
  • Live longer and live a better legacy: A healthy mind and healthy heart helps to live longer. By being the state of Gratitude, it helps to bring better and best things into life. Living a better legacy to the next generation.

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The human brain responds mainly to the thoughts and emotions of the mind. Negative or worry thought harm the brains function, Positive and hopeful thoughts functions the brain well and keeps it healthy

A daily Journal for children to develop the habit of Gratitude, stay mentally strong and promote happiness.

Fun, interesting and scientific. Every day is exciting!


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