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Benefits of Morning Routine!

What do you think, does having a healthy morning routine help?

How do you feel this morning?

Let me bring to your attention that you already have a morning routine it is either helping you or slowing you down. 

“Your morning routine generates a 10x return for good or for bad. Make it good.” – Todd Stocker

On my coaching calls, people often ask me, “What is your daily morning routine that keeps you well through the day?”

Before I share my routine, Let’s consider if it is helpful and worth the effort to build a healthy morning routine. By end of this reading, you will be left with ideas for your morning routine.

Some of the benefits of nurturing healthy morning routines are:

1. Best prepares you for the Rest of the Day – Your morning routine sets the tone for the day. A good routine gets you on track from the moment you wake up and puts you in the right frame of mind.

2. Increase Your Productivity – With a morning routine, you start the day right. You spend every moment of your time intentionally and on something valuable and productive from the moment you wake up. These simple habits program your mind to be focused and get things completed.

3. Lower Stress – If you are someone who feels you lack enough time, which causes you to be stressed of course. Your morning routine will calm you down. Lower stress means a healthy mind and body. Here is a fun fact, everyone has got 24 hours each day, nothing more or less.

4. Form an appetite for self-discipline – By following a morning routine you nurture your mind with self-discipline. If you are disciplined in one thing, you can be disciplined in anything you want. See the compounding effect?

5. Boost Your Energy Levels – You get moving and follow a healthy routine every morning, that’s a lot of optimistic energy moving all around you. If you went out for breakfast with a person with a good morning routine, you would understand what I am saying. They will be high on energy, inspired, and clear about what they want to do in the day. One of the reasons why top leaders and salespeople are encouraged with healthy morning routines. Now you do not have to hold a sales or leadership role to have your morning routine. You are a leader of your own life, so give yourself the opportunity for feeling confident and productive each day.

6. Improves your confidence – When you start with completing activities right off your bed, it gives you a sense of satisfaction and develops confidence. We grow confident with experience. When you do something over time, consistent, and see the results. You begin to believe you can do the same thing with anything. Again, see the compounding effect?

7. Inspires people around you – Finally, when you shine you make others shine around you. What a joy when you can influence someone’s life with something good.

I’m sure we can positively conclude morning routine is worth all your efforts. Morning routine benefits are both psychological and physical.  And it is scientifically proven and experienced by people. People with healthy morning routines always get more of their day than those who do not.

My routine?

I follow a simple routine that helps me to stay happy, calm, and optimistic throughout the day. I run through activities that nurture my

1. Body: I do home exercise, weekly twice football practice.

2. Mind: I read, listen and write. Most times I read in a meditative manner, and read the same text for a period of time. Repetition helps in making the reading convert to a change in behavior.

3. Spirit: I pray and meditate

And trust me it didn’t happen just like that. I built them with conscious efforts for months before it became part of me automatically. I suggest you start with a simple schedule if you don’t follow a healthy routine now.

Most people tend to make big plans, put more schedules, something that looks like a perfect plan. Though that shouldn’t be one’s motive, to begin with. When we are looking to make changes in our habitual patterns the idea is to get started with one or a simple behavior change practiced over a period of time before it is built with better behaviors and made stronger. So start small and make it stronger.

Having a morning routine does not take away the challenges of the day or straighten everything to heaven. But it sure does give you great power to grow through what comes through the day.

I encourage you to build your morning routine. It sure will bring compounding results to your life.

“Your energy in the morning is a clean slate, and you get a chance each day to build it up the way you want”

– Mridula Singh

If it is difficult to cultivate by yourself, you must not shy away from seeking help. It is good to seek help. After all, it is going to do good to your life. And if you have not been able to develop by yourself, I highly recommend you take help immediately. Make that decision because that is where your self-discipline begins.

I’ve found Stefan James’s Morning Ritual Mastery class a great one. Click here

Whether you want to get disciplined with your fitness activities, have a productive day, live a great day without anxiety or fear, especially in the current days. Building morning rituals will help you a great deal.

And, all highly successful people have their morning rituals.

To your success.


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