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5 Reality Checks of Successful People

It’s so much joy and exciting when you get promoted at work, achieve something you wanted to. Everyone around you is congratulating, wish you luck, appreciating your efforts and getting inspired by your growth. But too many people uselessly mutter about the early promotion of someone with whom they started their career or job at a company. Little do they realize that by doing that they are pushing away their efforts to get what they can get.

Expecting promotion to land on someone’s desk just because the tenure of eligible years for promotion is completed is like expecting to reach a destination in the normal time taken even when they have preferred to take the road which is blocked. Of course, it is awesome to be promoted in the shortest time available. To be getting something out of that shortest time, one has to do something more than just the job in the shortest time. This shortest time differs by Company/Industry – 18 months, 24 months etc.

Research data shows that successful people in the shortest time available are clear about where they want to head next. We went to details to learn the key things successful people practiced to achieve growth at work. It started with Reality checks – whether they did it with conscious or with subconscious efforts. Here are the 5 Reality checks:

  1. What do I have?

The most interesting thing most successful do is to know everything about what they have. And a sense of gratitude of present is a great motivator to go ahead and achieve more.

A simple way to do this about your profession is to know about your Work Experience, Degrees, Certification, Professional Network, Personal Traits and Character. This works more or less like the foundation. If you think you haven’t got a great one. Well, no one is born with one. Be grateful with whatever you have now. Every effort of yours adds more to what you’ve got.

Each one has Personal/Intellectual/Social/Financial Capital. Write them on your personal diary and take a look at it every day, so that you know what needs to be increased and how to capitalize them for your success.

  1. Where am I?

One of the important reality checks is to understand your current spot. “Mr. Jack didn’t know he was half a mile away from his destination, unawareness of his current location on the path to his destination got him to travel a different path that took 8 miles to reach. Whoops! Should have lost a lot of time and resources”.

Knowing what you’ve got and where you are, helps you to design and decide the shortest path you can take.

At profession, where you are? Is all about your Current Job & Role, Position/Designation, Company, Network, Interest levels, Emotional intelligence, Passion, Annual Income, and Growth Rate.

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  1. Where do I want to go?

In reality, if you haven’t thought of where you want to head next. Then there is a high possibility for someone else to decide it for you, which won’t benefit you and later you will lack the motivation to get going. Are you aware where you want to go?

Once you know what you’ve got and where you are, you can write down where you want to go? The more specific you are about where you want to go helps you to design better – Your dream Job/House, next Job, next Company, which particular Team example – consultant of a marketing team, what roles & responsibilities you like to deliver, name all of them.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”. Tony Robbins

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  1. What do I need to have, to be there?

You reach the ‘want to go spot’ to win, to show your expertise and excel at what needs to be done.

What gets you there is what sets the sail!

So explore everything you need to have at the Dream/Next Job– total work experience required, IQ, EQ, Skills, Personality, Eligibility criteria, other qualities and characteristics.

Make a check-list of things that is needed or expected by the employer, then go ahead and learn all that you need to equip yourself for the Job.

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  1. Do I act now, how I ought to in my next level?

The last reality check you ought to do is, to know if you have all the elements required to get what you want and to know if you are practising it. Because you get things for what you become! ‘A leader is nominated because he already has leadership traits’.

Make a choice to learn what is required and take action to see the reward. See if you are talking, behaving, dressing like you would in that Job, are you speaking with people who are already in that role, are you networking with people around that role, are you up-skilling, developing skills required.

These simple yet powerful reality check questions will awaken the strings of action in you and bring the desire and enthusiasm to achieve it.

I wish you success all the way!

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  • April 24, 2022
    gralion torile

    he blog was how do i say it… relevant, finally something that helped me. Thanks

    • April 29, 2022

      Your welcome! Wishing you more success… 🙂


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